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    The olive oil MAKAROS EDOS constitutes an extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality. The proper harvesting period and the little time that interferes from the grove to the mill, gives the olive oil unique organoleptic characteristics and low acidity. The olive oil extraction is done at a temperature that does not exceed 28°C. The olive oil produced is then kept into inox containers under ideal conditions (between 10°C and 15°C, away from direct sun light exposure and any source of heat or humidity) where it rests for at least two months in order to mature. The bottling is done by hand with extreme care, making thus every bottle of MAKAROS EDOS olive oil a unique piece.

    To assure and to maintain quality, the production is deliberately limited in terms of quantity and every bottle carries a serial number.

  • Olive oil conservation

    Olive oil conservation

    The olive oil should be considered as a living organism, subject to different procedures during its lifetime. The first two months from its production, the olive oil matures and receives its final characteristics (flavour, aroma, acidity). Following that period, the oxydation process occurs and devaluates the olive oil's properties. To decelerate that process, the olive oil has to be stocked in room temperature and in dark places away from direct sun light exposure and any source of heat or humidity. Under ideal conditions, the storage temperature has to be between 10°C and 15°C.

    Doing this, its organoleptic properties can be maintained untouched for a period of two years from its production.