Every detail counts

We control every stage of the production, from the olive harvest to the final disposal to you, passing through the bottling, labeling, and packaging.
We ensure to you an exceptional olive oil designed to be offered as a gift.

Everything starts from the olive grove

We select the olive groves and the olive trees that will offer us the liquid gold.
The harvest begins with the sunrise, where the olives are harvested with care and brought to the mill the same day to extract the olive oil.
The cold extraction method used, manages to get out of the olive all its aromas and every nutritional value.
The olive oil is then carefully stored in stainless steel tanks under controlled conditions, where the use of nitrogen ensures the freshness of our product.
The bottling is done carefully by a vacuum machine. The labeling and packaging are done by hand where each bottle is numbered and accompanied by an authenticity certificate.


MAKAROS EDOS is a multi-award-winning olive oil produced exclusively from the Kolovi variety that grows only on the island of Lesbos.
The harvesting is done at the beginning of olive maturity from mid-November until mid-December to obtain an intense green fruity flavor that is followed by a unique after-taste of peach and tropical fruits.
This period is ideal for obtaining high levels of polyphenols which are the best antioxidants for health.

Available in 200ml and 500ml bottles.

Exceptional gift

We have created for you a unique product in terms of taste and materials.
Our collaboration with Politis House has resulted in the creation of our silver emblem.
The silversmith Efstratios Politis specialist in his field has put all his expertise on creating the emblem ensuring a good representation of a coin from King Makar’s time.

Available only in 500ml bottle.